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Kite Surfing and Windsurfing in Jaywick Sands, Clacton-on-Sea and Point Clear, Essex - Essex Hot Spots


Wind and Kite Surfing the Essex Coast, United Kingdom

If you fancy surfing in Essex, then we have some of the best beach, location, tips and maps available, created by local people that know the score!

Everything you need to know about windsurfing in this area and more is here!


The area has excellent life boat coverage and has easily accessible beaches. If the wind is a SE, S, SW then check out Jaywick and Clacton! If the Winds are blowing Off shore then go to Point Clear - which is safer in these conditions.  The Jaywick and Clacton's Beaches beaches are south facing so they are great when it's sunny.  

There's plenty of facilities, toilets and free parking. Always tell someone where you will be sailing and when you'll be coming back!!!


"South of Clacton, Jaywick Sands - arguably the finest natural sandy beach of all the splendid beaches on the Essex Sunshine Coast. The beach here is an ideal spot for a seaside picnic where children can play safely." 
(Quoted in Essex Sunshine Coast)

He waits! - that's what he does...Not far to go to the water !!!Flat Water Blasting with some Fun Sand Bar Breaks

Jaywick Sands was rebuilt reconstructed with the addition of thousands of tons of sand. This has extended the beach and made access from Clacton easier. Although Clacton can be over populated during the summer, Jaywick on the other hand has far more space for safer windsurfing and plenty of free car parking with no height restrictions!!. Windsurfing is advised on the low/incoming tide. The outgoing tide can cause 5knot currents towards Clacton, but the pier is much further when in Jaywick than if the same situation were to occur in Clacton!!  The area is well covered by Clacton Lifeboat. However the pressure is on for even greater safety.

The Rural Challenge grant of several million pounds improved roads, lighting and facilities, the new beach and enthusiasm from government and local government has resulted in a popular destination for Kit Surfing. Jaywick. Jaywick has plenty of pubs, chippys, restaurants. Remember if Clacton is packed, and has no parking near your 'spot', or there is a cross-shore wind towards the pier then Jaywick may well come to your rescue! Check it out!!! 

There are plenty of public toilets in Jaywick and Clacton!



Clacton-on-Sea, Essex   Clacton lifeboat.

Clacton on Sea Essex, is a well know UK holiday resort.  It is still popular and continues to offer a traditional English Holiday that also has the benefit of being almost next door to London.  Ok so what's it like for sailing?  There is only one place worth sailing and launching and that is west of the pier.  As previously mentioned the pier is a pain in the arse! So try to avoid sailing here on the ebb tide as if you can't water start the pier will eat you for breakfast! There are a few concrete groynes dotted along Clacton Beach so remember where they are at high tide, there are warning posts at the end of each groyne - keep a look out for them! The River Colne empties east towards Clacton Pier and the current will take you with it! This said if you can park next to the rigging area (nice n' grassy with a few steps down to the beach), the tide is on it's way in and you have a south easterly blow then it's a riot! Another advantage with Clacton is that it has plenty for the Surf Widow's and Kids to do - great eh?! 

Public Toilets available on the Sea Front! One last bit of advice always take a look first as the beach can get packed in the summer, so don't go to all the trouble of rigging to find out there is nowhere to launch - there is always plenty of room further down towards Jaywick. Parking - well if you can't get on the seafront (free) forget it! Go for Jaywick, if the wind is off-shore then Point Clear. Between Clacton and Jaywick is HM Coast Guard Clacton (near the Martello Tower), there is also more parking 110 spaces near the Coach Park. Pay and Display and has a height restrictions q:O-(  priced from 50p =1hour, £5 = 5 hours and £6 if you have a trailer!. Easier and cheaper to carry on to Jaywick!


Jaywick Sands has been a bit of a cinderella to the two ugly - ok, are sometimes beautiful sisters(!) of Point Clear and Clacton.

Point Clear is a great place to sail and you would be mad not to try it. If you are searching for spots to sail then you can easily check out all three in a morning. They are really close together and can vary considerably, especially in south easterly winds.  The safety that Point Clear appears to offer is a major plus factor - but it is still a river and you should always be careful. There is obviously more traffic, that may be good if you break a mast for a rescue, but if you don't keep an eye out you may have collisions. Point Clear is a good un' in a NE blow, this is when it blooms, this is off-shore in Jaywick and Clacton, but on-shore at Point Clear.

In these conditions the lee of Mersea Island offers some epic flat water blasting and some choice acceleration. Point Clear really delivers in the beach scene too. It is a good spot for nearby Colchester and Londoners who are after some mellow conditions make the pilgrimage as the South Coast can be a bit dodgy for beginners if the is a swell running. The parking is via a lane to a large grassy area, you have to climb a small grassy bank and hop over a sea wall and then trudge down to the water - it is a bit muddy at low tide.  Facilities are a bit limited for the family, so if you want toilets, shops and snacks or even proper (pub) grub then go for Clacton or Jaywick - after all you need to look after the Surf Widows eh????!!!!!!!!!

Have fun and

Bon vent!