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This is a collection of cartoons mainly focused on windsurfing and how a partner of a windsurfer copes with his addiction, like many partners women often suffer most and have to babysit the equipment whilst the guys go and have fun, this is a view from their side and its quite funny and probably you as a windsurfer have seen before.

After a time i think you begin to love these characters.

So many were not published but were drawn for editors to decide from that it seems a shame not to share them all, if you bought or read 'Boards Magazine' from 2000-2005 then you will instantly recognise these characters. Extra cartoons will be scanned and added later but keep checking back or bookmark this site, or even link to it if you like it.

There are also political satire, sport and random cartoons and images too that you might enjoy, just search them out in the categories.

But as each image is 4 cartoons and there are 2 images per page its enough to keep you busy for now.


We also take a look at the conditions in NE Essex for Windsurfing and Kite Surfing. Some top tips before you sail here.

Have fun and

Bon vent!