750 TI Altcoin Mining Rig Tutorial with CudaMiner Instructions

<<< PART ONE Building the Rig


Assembling the Hardware


OK so you have a case you have your cards you have your motherboard, you have your power supply. Again because this is low powered! You do not have to spend a fortune on a PSU either! Something around 500w should be ample I have a 450w Corsair budget model CX. If you do not reflash and rake the cards they are around 60w each maxed. But probably are around 50? 5 x 5 is 25 = 250w and you have loads left for a sata drive and MB that runs minimally (use an old sata drive you have knocking around) I have a 7200 Seagate 80GB and that's a good use for it :) 4GB of basic ram is all you need (nothing fancy), just because you may want to use this for running SpeedFan and Afterburner plus Windows Updates (make sure you choose to download them rather than automatic as they might turn your machine off, you can go into the bios to set it to autostart but lets keep things simple eh? To keep an eye on your temps speedfan will use a little ram as well. And even your wallet needs to synchronise daily with the blocks on the network! So a few extra gigs is handy!

I am using Windows 7 and Cudaminer more on that next in 'Software'. You can use Linux on a Memory stick (BAMT maybe doing something by now) etc but this is a windows build that WORKS.


So on to assembly


You can use twist wires on the fans here and this makes it easier to swap or remove.


Make space in the middle for new cards! As the most distant ones need to be fitted first. This is for expansion later! But do not invest until you think this is for you - you may get bored and disappointed and you can just use the cards elsewhere or sell them (to me) LOL.

Using a Stanley knife cut away a space for the Ethernet Lan Cable do not do this in place do it safely on another gash piece of hardboard for safety! This is the only connection apart from power that you will need! More on that later!

As the cards are a bit proud you can just put holding screw in partially and then rest a hard board lid across the top for a roof. The edges are still open of course for airflow but less noisy and harder to drop something into the case. Best place for the rig is on top of a wardrobe or similar especially if you have children!

Each of these cards requires a double Molex plug. Plus the risers need a Molex! So I tapped all the Sata power cables with Sata to Molex adapters - you can cut the cables and rearrange them but this is safer as you could short it all out (can anyone here smell burning?!!! LOL)! The big fans needs Molex too so get plenty of splitters. If you buy poor quality ones make sure you press them together carefully and even tape them up with electrical tape as some prongs push out. If this happens get a small screwdriver and press it back in through its slot by pushing the metal rim not the cable as you will damage the insulation!

Make sure there is a big enough gap to allow airflow but not too big so the cables won't reach (requires experimentation!).

This is not a beauty contest it is something to mine Litecoins or Dogecoins. This just helps keep the noise down and stops you accidentally sticking your hand in! It also makes it less attractive to thieves who do not know what it is ;)


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