GTX 750 TI Mining Rig Build Tutorial with CudaMiner Instructions for Beginners and Noobs to Vertcoin mining

<<< PART TWO Assembling the Hardware


The Software



OK the two best coins to mine for now are Litecoin http://litecoin.org/  and Dogecoin http://dogecoin.com/  Doge is easier and popular and you get a good return. If you don't mind waiting try Litecoin they are the silver to BitCoins Gold. Don't bother with Bitcoin it is a waste of time and money now - you have missed the boat! But maybe you will catch the next one ;) That might be Doge.

You need mining pools and a wallet for each.

I use https://www.dogehouse.org/index.php for Doge (obviously)


https://coinhuntr.com/ for Litecoin.

and for https://vertcoin.org/ I use https://vertsquad.com/ for vertcoin. It uses a different system to doge and litecoin so click here and here are some settings for Vertcoin below

These are the only slick operations I have encountered they all do it and do it well! The rest are a bit of a worry tbh but check out Reddit for more options and ask around if you don't trust me :). I have no part in any of these companies btw it is just advice.



To mine with NVIDA you need CUDAMINER the latest versions are set up for 750ti Maxwell architecture so that's the first download.

Pools have a 'Getting Started' section that will lead you by the hand through the process and what addresses to enter into your CUDAMINER program. Once you begin you can go and check at their website page to ensure it is all working - both have support in chatrooms and forums.

You will need the latest version of CUDAMINER there are a few places to find this so just Google it but if you prefer Reddit is pretty up to date support space and will link you up.

Download it and extract it and put it on your desktop of your mining rig.

The setting you need is this:

Create a text file paste this code in below and just change the address name and password to yours provided by the mining pool. Then save it. Change the extension from .txt to .bat (this makes it executable or 'do something') and drop it in the folder where Cudaminer is sitting, create a shortcut to your desktop and put it in the startup folder as well!


Copy this for Dogecoin or Litecoin:

cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://stratumURL:PORT -u NAME.WORKERNUMBER -p WORKERPASSWORD -i 0 -l T5x24 -C 1

Or do the same above but you simply change the start for Vertcoin and this took me a while to figure out.

Cudaminer Settings for Vertcoin

cudaminer --algo=scrypt:2048 -o stratum+tcp:......

and Paste it into your .bat file. Thats it and it works fine :) Great eh? I mean who would guess you have to do that of all things?


If you cannot change the extension to .bat then you will have to open a folder and then click organize on it's toolbar - Folder and search options - View - and uncheck hide extensions for known file types. Apply OK. NOW YOU CAN SEE ALL THE EXTENSIONS. Change it back afterwards if you like(?), but pretty pointless on a mining rig :)


Next You may want to monitor temps so get this program!



This is important! heat is bad! But too many fans is expensive - you do the math!

Speedfan from http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php or try filehippo. Download.com has too much bundled spyware in their 'downloader' these days. AVOID!



And finally get MSI Afterburner http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm as you can tweak the card you have a little to squeeze a bit more out of them :) Without reflashing them. A good setting is

Afterburner settings for Cudaminer and 750TI

Core Clock +100

Mem Clock +162

Anything more and it will likely crash it - don't be greedy and think of the power all the time! This will increase your hashing by about 60 more (3 cards), but every little helps :).



Finally you need a way to log into this rig that could be a long distance from you. To do this all you need once it is set up with a standard monitor keyboard and mouse and IS RUNNING is install TightVNC Viewer http://www.tightvnc.com/download.php This is an amazing piece of software and free too! Install it in FULL choose the correct operating system of course x64 or x32 I am on x64 Windoze 7. The Full version goes on the host machine the RIG! The machine you check it from only needs the viewer! As you do not want to add anything that can remotely see your main computer, just the Rig as that is harmless to see anyway! In case you make a mistake - just insurance to only add the viewer so you are not left open to the world. That is it - you start it up plug in the Ethernet Lan cable, power cable and start it check it all works. Then go to your viewer machine and start that and log in. the local IP will be shown on the Rig's Tightvnc just open it and copy that to the viewer it is usually something like Create a password. log in and your rig screen will appear in a window on your desktop :) and you can fiddle from that. Unplug your monitor and keyboard and mouse and put the rig anywhere you like cable length permitting. Just make sure it has airflow and is safe electricity wise - don't put it in a leaky shed for example use some common sense ;) LOL.



You have a cheap to run mining rig running CUDAMINER and remotely controlled so you don't even have to buy it a keyboard and mouse ;) Skinflint!


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